Sweet rasgullas are made by adding arrowroot in fresh chenna and also without adding arrowroot. Chhaina Rasgullas made by adding arrowroot are slightly less spongy, but very tasty. Rasgullas made without adding arrowroot in Chhaina are more spongy. Today we will make Bengali sponge rasgullas without adding arrowroot, but to save time, we will make them by boiling them inside the cooker.

1.Necessary Ingredients for Sponge Rasgulla

Milk – 1 liter (5 cups, full cream milk)
Sugar – 300 grams (1.5 cups)
Lemon – 2 (take out the juice)

2.Method Ingredients to make Sponge Rasgulla

  1. Wash a utensil with some water and put milk in it and keep it for heating. When the milk starts boiling, take the milk down from the fire, and let it cool down a bit (let the milk remain warm till 80 percent). Add as much water as there is in lemon juice.

2. Add lemon juice little by little 1-1 spoon in milk and mix, add lemon juice till the milk curdles well, and keep mixing, as soon as the milk curdles well, stop adding lemon juice, and Sieve the curdled milk in a cotton, clean cloth. Spread the cloth over the sieve and place a utensil below it, pour the curdled milk over the cloth. The water that comes out of the curdled milk will enter the vessel kept below and the Chhaina will remain in the cloth. Pour 1-2 cups of cold water over the chena, the chena will also cool down and the sour taste of lemon will also end with the chena. By lifting the cloth from all sides, squeeze out all the water from the Chhaina while pressing the Chhaina with your hands. Soft soft chena is ready.

3. Take out the Chhaina in a plate, while pressing the Chhaina with hands and fingers, make it soft and smooth by rubbing it for 4-5 minutes. Divide the softened chena into 10 – 12 parts. Take a portion and bind it first by pressing it like a laddu with your hand, and now smooth it by giving it a round shape. Place the prepared balls on a plate. Make all the balls and prepare them.

4.Cook the rasgulla in the cooker, the rasgulla gets cooked very quickly in the cooker, because the temperature becomes higher in the cooker as compared to open pan, more temperature is required for cooking the rasgulla.
Put sugar and 4 cups of water in the cooker, let it boil, when it starts boiling, put the Chhaina balls in the cooker one by one, and close the lid of the cooker. After 1 whistle in the cooker, make the fire medium, and let the rasgulla cook for 7-8 more minutes, turn off the fire.

5.Take water in a utensil, keep the cooker in it, cool the cooker or put the cooker under the tap, so that it cools down quickly and opens. Carefully open the lid, take out the rasgullas from the cooker along with the sugar syrup and keep them in a bowl and let the rasgullas cool down, after 5-6 hours the rasgullas become very sweet and very tasty. Serve and eat cold sponge rasgulla.
Sponge Rasgulla (Ingredients for Sponge Rasgulla) can be kept in the fridge and eaten for 7 days.


1.Make sure to cool the milk a little to make Chhaina. Milk can be cooled immediately by adding half a cup of water to the milk, by doing this Chhaina becomes soft, and Rasgullas made from this Chhaina become spongy.

2.If Chhaina becomes hard then Rasgullas become hard or fall apart.

3. If Chhaina balls are not put in boiling water, they break and get scattered. While boiling rasgulla, it is necessary to keep the water boiling all the time.


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